10 game franchises that would make great Battle Royale games

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Credits: The Pokemon Company
Credits: The Pokemon Company /

9. Pokémon | The Pokémon Company

Whether Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are aware of it or not, Pokémon could knock this genre out of the ballpark. The only question some may have? How to go about this and make Pokémon a solid entry into the Battle Royale genre. Lucky for us, Pokémon has already done that through its trainer system. Like any game, players would start randomly being teleported into the map by Mew or Mewtwo. From there, the real fun begins as players scavenge for their little special Pokémon pals and items to help them out.

This mechanic can include finding items to restore their power points, your health, and helping resist damage all around. The downside here? Figuring out how to balance out the Pokémon themselves and just how effective they are. Luckily for Pokémon, that shouldn’t be too hard, as each Pokémon would come with limited uses and only one trademark ability that deals damage. If this does go through, Nintendo could certainly hit paydirt with a Pokémon-themed PUBG style game. The only downside? The Nintendo Switch may not support 100 players running about simultaneously.