Undertale True 100% speedrunner completes all 93 endings

Credit: Toby Fox
Credit: Toby Fox /

An Undertale speedrunner has finally completed an incredible feat: Cookiepocalypse performed the first true 100% speedrun of Undertale with all 93 endings.

If you asked me casually how many endings Undertale has, I’d probably say three or four (a reduction from the time I last posited this question), depending on how much I felt like explaining. There are three major branches one can take through the game: the Neutral ending where you fight and kill some monsters but not all, the Genocide ending where you deliberately seek out and kill every monster in the Underground, and the Pacifist ending (arguably split into Neutral Pacifist, which is the first one you get when you kill no one, and True Pacifist, which you’re led to after Neutral Pacifist is done).

But Undertale fans on Reddit broke things down further into a whopping 93 endings, most as slight textual variations based on who you spare and kill in Neutral routes, or factors such as whether the player acquires the Snowman Piece and keeps it to the end or whether the player has already performed a Genocide run before. It’s a testament to developer Toby Fox’s dedication and attention to detail that so much of what the player does is taken into account once the game is through. And now, it’s also a testament to the endurance and dedication of one speedrunner: Cookiepocalypse.

Cookie currently has the 5th best time in the world for finishing the True Pacifist run of Undertale at 1h 27m 28s and has ranked high in other categories as well. But on January 2nd, he sought to be the first person to post a speedrun time for (and, as far as we know, the first person to actually complete) all 93 endings of Undertale. He’s attempted this feat before on three other occasions, all of which ended prematurely due to various mistakes. A 33-hour run is nothing to sneeze at, and not only does it include some complicated manipulation of items required to save hours upon hours of time on certain branches, in some cases, Cookie isn’t allowed to Save even once during an ending since there are variations based on if you did or not. That means one misplaced Punch Card can result in hours upon hours lost.

But that didn’t happen this time. Cookie made it in 33:03:50.44. The run is currently split in two on Twitch: you can watch the first 23:34 or so here (which goes up through Neutral Papyrus endings and a bit farther) and the final six hours of the Neutral branch here. It looks like there’s a three hour gap during which no progress was made because Cookie needed to sleep. Seeing as how he’s attributed errors in past runs to a lack of sleep, I don’t blame the guy for needing a mid-run nap to keep his brain sharp. After all, he has to keep track of proper routing and order for 93 entire endings, plus do the credits without being hit at the end. Which he did on his second attempt, and it’s even more incredible to watch than usual because we know what he went through to get there.

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Congratulations, Cookie! It’s corny to say anymore, but we really do hope you’re filled with Determination.

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