11 gaming trends the industry can lose or embrace in 2018

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Embrace: Video Game Soundtracks have been amazing lately

This is the trailer that set it all off for me last year. The year 2017 was an absolute monster in terms of the number of incredible soundtracks that came out. When a game like Destiny 2 can come out with incredible music and people still talk a ton about other soundtracks, like Nier: Automata especially, it is a great time to adore music in games.

So this 2018, let’s go all out in continuing to have amazing and diverse video game soundtracks that serve as both the emotion and the background on games. God of War is shaping up to have a very interesting soundtrack based on the few things they have shown from it.

Nintendo had a stellar year with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey soundtracks. Can they continue the hot streak of twisting classics into modern marvels with Fire EmblemSea of Thieves will have plenty of places to pull pirate shanties and music from. Can Microsoft give us something as memorable as the old Rare days?

Then there is Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, which will be really disappointing if the songs in there are not amazing. There is a lot of potential for Kingdom Hearts III since it takes place in Pixar and Disney worlds all over to have some incredible music as well.

I am not sure if anything will give me quite the high that the opening battle sequence of Nier: Automata will, however, I am incredibly stoked to see what music is out there this year as well. It will provide a nice counterbalance to: