11 gaming trends the industry can lose or embrace in 2018

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Let it go: Defending bad business practices

Putting a game on Early Access should not immediately but a stigma on a game, but with such a designation comes a responsibility to the group. It cannot be up to Valve, Xbox, or other brands to speak for a creator; it must be on them. For those who go through Kickstarter or who go on to create their own crowdfunding models on Fig or others, it is 100% up to the creators to create feedback loops for being transparent with their consumers.

If a game goes silent while crowdfunding, this is not the time to remind people game development is hard. Again, private backers are granted even more access than public backers are because they usually have to have a relationship with the team to make sure to secure the loans given. That said, public backers should also not take their status as a backer too far to the point of harassment. This certainly goes for a being a regular consumer as well.

For years, people have been defending bad business models in games whether it be poorly communicated Kickstarters after goals have been met or the inherent desire to say “Star Citizen is going to be amazing” without noting that people should rightfully be upset about every missed deadline or the fact they are getting sued.

Help others fight for their interests instead of arguing about things that have nothing to do with you or you have no interest in this year 2018. We should all take time to be more encouraging and to question creators’ intent where appropriate. Additionally, we also need to take time to notice: