Game of the Year 2017: Rebekah’s picks

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Rebekah’s Game of the Year #8 – Splatoon 2

Most GOTY lists this year celebrate Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild as the premiere Nintendo Switch offerings, and rightly they should. But Splatoon 2 stood as a mid-year delight for me as someone already in love with Nintendo’s only new first-party IP from the Wii U era. Splatoon 2 is everything you loved about Splatoon, but “more.” More customization, more weapon options, more stages, more game modes, more story, more fabulous tunes.

Best of all is the fact that with Splatoon 2, we get a totally fresh start. Splatoon languished on the Wii U with a smaller audience and short time frame for updates before Nintendo closed the door on it and the console it rode in on. With the Nintendo Switch still a fledgling, Splatoon 2 stands a chance to be a premiere title for months, even years to come. Expect more Splatfests, more stages and modes, and more updates into 2018 to keep you returning to Inkopolis, again and again, to paint the town with the Inklings. I certainly can’t stay away.