2017 gaming awards – App Trigger superlatives edition

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Now that the year is winding down, let’s take a look at all the noteworthy things that took place with the 2017 Gaming Awards – App Trigger Superlatives Edition.

It’s a slow time in the games industry. While public relations firms, developers and publishers are out of their offices celebrating the holidays and the new year, enthusiasts at home are enjoying the best of what 2017 gaming has to offer. We’ve already covered the Game of the Year 2017 for App Trigger, but that doesn’t cover the intricacies of what put a stamp on the industry.

That’s why we came up with the latest installment of the 2017 Gaming Awards – App Trigger Superlatives Edition. This aims to cover award a wide spread of topics, idioms and general noteworthy moments to remember what happened throughout 2017 gaming history.

While some awards are classics, our first superlative is a brand new category!

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Smokin’ Sick Stylish Game of the Year – Persona 5

While it’s certainly not an overlooked title for anime fans, those who are very much not in that camp are missing out on an excellently stylish title with Persona 5. There are dozens of hours of story and deep characterization throughout this charming adventure of teenagers vanquishing the sullied hearts of sh—y adults, but what ties the package in a neat bow is its presentation.

Everything from its colorful art style, graffiti/school notebook user interface, acid jazz funk soundtrack and enigmatic cutscenes screams smokin’ sick style, emphasizing how important every aspect of games creation can be. Atlus never slept on this, immersing players in a fantasy setting that they could call their own.

Runners-up: Sonic Mania, Cuphead