Game of the Year 2017: Neranjan’s Picks

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In the wake of our site-wide Game of the Year list, some staff members have also opted to share their personal picks. Neranjan Bissoon is up first with his GOTY 2017.

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2017 was yet another stellar year for gaming. In 2017 we saw the Wii U take its last breath as a new console switched into the role of champion, vowing to bring honor back to House Nintendo. And yet despite having access to the Wii U, PS4, PSVR, PC, iPhone, Gear VR, and the 3DS, this is a 2017 game of the year list that does not include Breath Of The Wild or any other Nintendo Switch titles. They’ve all been added to that notorious backlog pile.

I made it a goal to finish several games this year that actually came out this year before turning to said backlog. This is a list of games that I personally took the time to make sure I beat, and they are all games that made me happy to call my self a gamer. It is important to know that we have more video games available to us than ever before and not everyone will think these games are great. Thought I hope you do like some of the games on the list, this is a reflection of me as a gamer.

Credit: Supergiant Games
Credit: Supergiant Games /

Neranjan’s Game of the Year #5: Pyre

Developer: Supergiant Games
Publisher:  Supergiant Games

I immediately became intrigued when I first heard Supergiant Games was working on a game that combined elements of RPGs, visual novels and basketball. The combination sounded ridiculous but Supergiant has a great record in creating innovative games that are packed with charm and visual depth. The striking visuals of Pyre make the story come alive despite the visual novel approach that is used to drive the narrative. It is that narrative that makes me reminisce about the first time I delved into fantasy fiction.

The action, though simple and repetitive, plays out in such a zen-like manner it became a welcome relief after a hectic day in the real world.  The multitude of characters you end up having in your party helps you create your own playstyle. However, that playstyle will often have to change as you free the members of your party from exile. I found myself wanting to free members of my party that I relied heavily on upon as a reward for them being a trusted companion. When they were gone, I legitimately felt both loss and hope,

The story may not be the most complicated, but this helps to conjure up the nostalgia of the classic SNES RPG’s of my youth. In the simplicity of the story, there exists a theme of overcoming self-doubt and believing in your ability to overcome. By not forcing the narrative the player is allowed to feel the journey of the characters and feel like part of the tale. It is that strong narrative that made me continue on the path with my party until our journey was complete.