10 snowy video games to make you feel that December chill

Credit: Guerilla Games
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There are many SSX games, and they’re all mostly great if you’re into snow but in like an extreme way. Most of the games so far are fairly laidback in gameplay and let you explore or scoot along and enjoy the snow as it is, but SSX makes you do work. It’s a snowboarding game. You snowboard along a course and do tricks, a bit like Alto’s Adventure, except with none of the zen and all of the awesome combos and controls you’d expect from something a lot trickier. It’s like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but with snow. And really, really cool music. See above. It’s jammin’.

The last SSX game was back in 2012 and the series hasn’t made it to modern consoles yet. Even though we have fancy Ubisoft business like Steep to keep us busy now, SSX still captivates those of us who keep PS2s in storage. Since we’re getting all this other cool stuff on the Nintendo Switch, maybe we can convince Nintendo and EA to get the same snow bug we’ve all caught and bring SSX back for more amazing flips and tricks.