10 snowy video games to make you feel that December chill

Credit: Guerilla Games
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Alto’s Adventure

For a far more tranquil snow experience than SkiFree, I turn to Alto’s Adventure on my phone. It’s a lovely game where you snowboard (not ski) down a snowy mountain, occasionally pursued by harmless llamas. You can do tricks off slopes to progress and complete certain objectives, but there’s also a Zen Mode where you can just…endlessly snowboard. The landscape, music, and lighting will change over time and plays, but all of the art is beautiful and relaxing. The Zen Mode itself was a late addition because players complained that as relaxing as the game was, they couldn’t just play it without consequence.

Alto’s Adventure is perfect if you’re strolling down the street and think, wow, the place where I live has neither mountains NOR snow right now. I sure could use BOTH, with some llamas thrown in! It sounds ridiculous, but you would be surprised how often that feeling takes hold of you and you just don’t realize it because you’ve never played Alto’s Adventure. It was one of our favorite mobile games of 2016, and it’s worth your snow-captivated attention.