10 snowy video games to make you feel that December chill

Credit: Guerilla Games
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Ski Free

You know you’re a 90s kid if…yeah. SkiFree. That god-awful little game that came on Windows computers back in the day. We all played it, right along with classics like Minesweeper and Chip’s Challenge. In SkiFree, you’re a skier going down an infinite snow mountain littered with rocks and trees and people and crap. You can dodge the stuff and get a better time for progressing a certain distance. But after a certain distance, a darn yeti appears and gobbles you up. We all tried to out-ski the yeti. We all failed because none of us realized until we were adults that you could go faster by pushing F and actually get away from the yeti.

SkiFree isn’t built into our computers anymore, but we can still play it due to the magic of the Internet. I don’t know that it really satisfied my desire for snow, but after a few deaths to the yeti due to my incompetent crashing into rocks and snowboarders, I no longer desire a wintery wonderland outside my window. A yeti could come crashing through.