10 snowy video games to make you feel that December chill

Credit: Guerilla Games
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A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

You know what you can’t do when it isn’t snowing outside? Build a snowman. So I empathize with the poor lil monster in A Good Snowman is Hard to Build. The dude just wants to build a great snowman, give it a name, and be its friend. But his yard has limited amounts of snow to work with, and from this comes the game. In this cute puzzler, you must find a way to stack three snowballs in large, medium, small order to create the perfect snowman. The puzzles start off simply, but quickly grow more complex as you must content with inconveniently-placed snow piles that will make your snowballs undesirably bigger. The satisfying reward for each completion is a named and dressed snow person and the pure pleasure of the goofy monster that built it.

Since goofy monster friend can build a better snow person than I can, I don’t mind leaving things to him when it isn’t snowing outside. This is a great little game to bust out on mobile whenever you have a free second and there’s no snow to be seen.