10 snowy video games to make you feel that December chill

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World of Warcraft

I know, I know. I promised, no snow levels. Just snow games. And there are a handful of other great titles that could have fit in this spot. But there’s something that keeps me coming back to World of Warcraft when I get the hankering for now. Part of it is perhaps that the snow is so easily accessible. All I have to do is make a brand new Forsaken character and hop south a bit to Dun Morogh to enjoy a beautiful, chilling mountain landscape. If I’m in the mood for an expansion pack, I can send higher-leveled characters out to Northrend, an entire continent that’s mostly snow and ice. Or, best of all, I can return to Frostfire Ridge from Warlords of Draenor.

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Warlords of Draenor was a god-awful weird expansion, but one of my favorite parts was my initial arrival in Frostfire Ridge after the Horde garrison was established. As a shaman ghost wolf, I ran across enormous snowy drifts with mountains looming in the distance while the piece above, Magnificent Desolation, soared in my ears. It was an incredible atmosphere to adventure in, and one that’s stuck with me despite WoD’s shoddy endgame content. I can return to Frostfire any time to explore that tundra again if I get back in that snow mood, and I highly recommend it to any adventurers looking for a taste of that sparse, desolate chill.