2017 video games that went under the radar

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Bulb Boy | Bulbware | Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Are you into adventure games? Do you like hunting objects and using them in puzzles no matter how tedious it may seem? What if the game’s narrative was told puzzle by puzzle and offered a new experience the further you delved into the game? Bulb Boy just happens to be that game. It’s a game that appears as a light-hearted pseudo-horror title that just wants to fit in with Tim Burton’s Edward Scissor Hands and Beetle Juice.

Serving as one of 2017’s most underappreciated games that released on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Bulb Boy is right there with many on this list. But what’s amazing about this adventurous puzzle game is that it’s a game with little to no dialogue. Characters’ words are displayed in chat bubbles while their offlandish language is spoken in some form of gibberish.

The art style itself is even more creative, presenting itself as a cross between styles such as Ren & Stimpy and Courage the Cowardly Dog thrust into a single game. In fact, even the style of humour both series had is fully intact, making the game a delightful time. For those loving a bit of gross-out humour, there’s plenty of that to be had while dealing with some of the games monsters, which must be defeated by completing puzzles.