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Credits: Reikon
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Credits: Pixel Titans
Credits: Pixel Titans /

Strafe | Pixel Titans | PC, PS4, Xbox One

Ever wanted to just find a game that took you back to the glory days of FPS titles like QuakeDOOM, or even Duke Nukem 3D? That’s where Pixel Titans comes in, giving gamers a title with little to no story and just a lot of guns to shoot. While this does sound like a poor choice in design, Strafe is anything but a poor choice.

Much like games of the time, Strafe is all about guns blazing, enemies rushing you, and hidden rooms stashed about each of its procedurally-generated maps. Fortunately for players, not a single map plays the same. Each one comes with its own layout, weapons and approach to combat. Weapons can be openly upgraded at the players choice, making combat a lot more unique and each weapon used even more-so.

However, don’t expect cutting edge graphics. Strafe is a loving nod to the franchises that inspired it and it wears their visuals as a badge of honor.