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The Surge: Complete Edition | Deck13 | PC, PS4, Xbox One

Dark Souls imitators becoming something quite commonplace now that FromSoftware has announced that they are parting ways from the franchise. Fortunately, there are developers out there willing to take their place unapologetically. That’s where The Surge comes into play in recent months. It’s a game that offers a fresh approach to the combat and mechanics that have become rather familiar for Souls fans.

But let’s be completely honest here. The Surge feels more than just inspired by or inspired by the Dark Souls franchise. Rather, it’s something completely unique thanks to its sci-fi setting and due to its use of an event called “The Surge,” which sent a corporation called CREO’s robots into a murderous rampage. The future setting allowed Deck13 to play with some new features in their imagined setting. Players can break down enemies piece by piece and gain armor, resources, and possibly items for scrap, allowing them to strengthen their own abilities and change up the playing field … until they meet something else bigger and badder than they are.