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Credits: Reikon
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Credits: Acid Wizard Studio
Credits: Acid Wizard Studio /

Darkwood | Acid Wizard Studio | PC

Horror games have been a hot topic as of late. For proof, look no farther than recent releases like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Among the developers taking their time to jump into the genre, Acid Wizard Studio is paying a lot of attention and thus their game Darkwood is a perfect fit for RE and just plain horror fans.

Unlike most titles in the genre, Darkwood is an isometric horror survival. During the day, players will find themselves shying away from their shelters, grabbing what valuable resources they can, crafting their precious items and beginning preparations to hunker down at night. But while it sounds like there isn’t any place for horror elements in this game during the light of day, Darkwood transforms at night.

When night time arrives, all hell breaks loose. The trees begin to change and alter everything around them, turning them into horrific and unimaginable threats. Your survival is of the utmost importance, and you must use the resources you gathered during the day and every ounce of your wits to make it through the terrifying night.