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Credits: Reikon
Credits: Reikon /
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Credits: Arcade Distillery
Credits: Arcade Distillery /

Plague Road | Arcade Distillery | PC, PS4, PSVita, Xbox One

The side-scrolling genre routinely brings forth some of the best artistically stylized games on the market. One such game just happens to be Plague Road by Arcade Distillery. The game takes players down a virtual path into a 2D steampunk styled world filled with death, diseases, enemies and treasures to be found.

The player’s mission as a lone, masked doctor is to save a city rotting away from the inside out due to an all-consuming plague that leaves little to no survivors. However, some of the village has escaped and have become lost along the road. These survivors could very well become your greatest allies, with skills you just so happen to need to progress. Fortunately, this game isn’t your typical side-scrolling title. It’s one that is uniquely crafted with tactical, turn-based combat like that of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, but with its own unique twists and turns along the way.