2017 video games that went under the radar

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Credits: Bethesda Game Studios
Credits: Bethesda Game Studios /

Prey | Arkane Studios | PC, PS4, Xbox One

Prey is a game oft spoken of in think pieces, but rarely among a wider audience. But that doesn’t mean the studio behind the Dishonored franchise didn’t do justice to the game’s name. Nor was banking on the original title’s nostalgia a problem for them. Instead, it was the fact that this pseudo-horror game fell into place at an awkward time full of big name games.

Prey isn’t one that should have gone under the radar by any means. Its intuitive controls make it quite fun and its atmospheric designs are extremely well done thanks to Arkane’s signature art style. Even the game’s audio design is extremely well done, making the game immersive as can be.

Unfortunately for the player as Morgan Yu, this intense atmosphere means your life just became a lot more complicated as you struggle to stop the strange Mimic creatures hiding all over Talos I, even if it means the destruction of the space station itself. After all, who wants to be attacked by their coffee cup?