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Raiders of the Broken Planet | MercurySteam | PC, PS4, Xbox One

If you’re a fan of free-to-play games, there’s certainly quite a few out there to choose from. It might surprise you to find that the developers of Metroid: Samus Returns also dabbled in that market this year with Raiders of the Broken Planet.

Luckily for fans of cooperative games and detailed comic book-style art, this game is right up their alley and is a fun undertaking for friends to play together in 4v1 style strategic battles. Best of all, in Raiders of the Broken Planet, players can take on the game’s story prologue free of charge. In order to continue the cooperative experience, MercurySteam has made each of the game’s “Episodes” cost-efficient for players who enjoyed the initial hook or aren’t satisfied by the multiplayer aspects. In addition, many obtainable items including weapons and characters can be obtained by completing these missions. Since the game offers cross-play features, PS4 players can easily team up with their friends on PC.