2017 video games that went under the radar

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2017 video games have been absolutely spectacular. However, it seems quite a few of them have somehow slipped under the radar. Here’s a look at some of those games.

2017 has been a fickle year full of incredible games. But the massive barrage of first-party exclusives coming from Sony, Early Access games on Steam, the Nintendo Switch’s release and Microsoft’s Xbox One X release, some of the year’s greatest games have flown under the radar. Some of the 2017 video games that have been missed may be hidden gems, ones that many players may have missed due to the chaos of triple-A game releases and high-priority indie games. Luckily, there are a lot of games worth mentioning, which is just what we’re about to do here by choosing twelve games that just may have slipped under your radar in 2017:

Credits: Thunder Lotus Games
Credits: Thunder Lotus Games /

Sundered | Thunder Lotus Games | PC, PS4

Metroidvania games have been a dime a dozen over the years, though their popularity is starting to fade. But even now, this style still manages to creep forth and draw us in. One such game of this genre just happens to be a compelling and unique indie game under the name of Sundered.  The game is a horrifying fight for survival with the character’s sanity constantly at the cusp of salvation or destruction. The hand-drawn epic comes from the creative team behind the Norse themed adventure game Jotun.

In Sundered,  players take the role of Eshe who is a wanderer trapped in a world left in ruin. In the game, players must help Eshe navigate ever-changing caverns that are teeming with eldritch horrors. Whether it’s massive bosses, inhuman enemies or deadly traps, players will have to resist or embrace the darkness that seeks to overtake Eshe as she wields corrupted relics in her adventures.