Where are the Ancient Bridle and Ancient Saddle in Breath of the Wild – The Champions’ Ballad?

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As of last night, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has horse armor DLC with The Champions’ Ballad. Here’s how to get the Ancient Saddle and Bridle.

Yes, of course, The Champions’ Ballad brings far more to Breath of the Wild than just some fancy horse armor, but I can’t resist making fun after the running joke from Oblivion about horse armor DLC. If you’ve purchased The Champions’ Ballad, you’ll also trigger a quest entitled EX Ancient Horse Rumors, which leads you to Highland Stable to investigate. As we all know, video game rumors are 100% true always. It’s up to us to find “a cherry blossom tree at a mountain where creatures gather” and “a mysterious spring where a horse spirit resides” so you can obtain an Ancient Saddle and Ancient Bridle to decorate your horse with.

If you’ve been a diligent explorer in Breath of the Wild, both of these locations should set off alarm bells immediately. The first, the cherry blossom tree, is located atop Satori Mountain in south-central Hyrule. It’s a large mountain that can often be seen glowing green late at night from a distance, and is the home of Mogg Latan Shrine. If you’re still unsure, the mountain can be seen easily from Central Tower, facing west pass Mount Daphnes and across the river.

Warp to Mogg Latan or climb Satori Mountain and find the cherry blossom tree at the peak. Use Magnesis to find and dig up the chest at the base of the tree for the Ancient Bridle.

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The Ancient Saddle is located at Malanya Spring, a place you’ve likely sought out if you’ve ever lost a precious horse. Starting from Highland Stable, head south toward the Lake of the Horse God and across the bridge. Keep following the path to Malanya Spring, where the Horse God that revives your deceased steeds resides. Ignore the Horse God and head behind the flower pedestal to the left, using Magnesis to spot the chest in the ground containing the Ancient Saddle.

The Ancient Bridle will max out your spurs with any horse, bringing them to their full potential. The Ancient Saddle makes it possible to summon your horse to you anywhere that a horse is allowed, even if the horse is far away or cannot cross the terrain to get to where you are. These invaluable items will make exploring the remainder of Hyrule even faster and easier…and they look super cool, to boot!