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Best Final Fantasy Games #23 – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The franchise’s fans are divided on Crystal Chronicles, it did a great number of new, exciting things for RPGs within its saccharine package. While action-RPG mechanics are nothing new to the franchise, the ability to roam around a moving arena throughout the environment in a four-player circle encompassing the battle zone gave a more immersed, team-based feeling.

Using a Game Boy Advance as a controller stand-in, as well as single or four-player multiplayer combat opened up the traditional single-player experience to give team dynamics a bigger push. Instead of you picking your team and getting to decide how to control each player’s strengths and weaknesses, suddenly the idea of having to rely on others to optimize combat and strategy was eye-opening.

It’s not as deep as traditional Final Fantasy titles, but Crystal Chronicles more than makes up for its depth with a variety of environments. Paired with a more medieval fantasy soundtrack, the game offered a visual feast for players to get their pick at a great number of different vistas. Sure, you may have missed on some of the finer details while hacking away at enemies, but Crystal Chronicles has something for everyone, be it alone or playing with friends.