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Best Final Fantasy Games #24 – Portal App (Triple Triad)

The best part of FFVIII, without a doubt, is the Triple Triad system. When the Portal App was launched, many pushed past all the weird Square Enix mobile offerings to go after an expanded version of what may be the series’ best mini-game.

The console version had players place cards down on a 3×3 grid, with each card given a number from 1 – A (for Ace) in each direction. If you place a card next to that card with a higher number in that direction, you flip that card into your point total, with the goal of scoring the most number of points after the field is filled.

Building up decks and playing against other places online, as well as collecting the hundreds of cards available and learning a number of rule variants make the Portal App version of Triple Triad an excellent time suck. Requiring an online connection remains an eternal bummer, but it’s hard to beat such addictive gameplay with simple mechanics but difficult-to-master strategies.