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Best Final Fantasy Games #27 – Final Fantasy Adventure

We’re into our fourth entry, and I already feel like I’m cheating with the titles used for my entries. Final Fantasy Adventure is a predecessor to the Mana series, as it employs action-RPG elements and an overworld similar to that of the Legend of Zelda series. This grand adventure saw players protect the Tree of Mana from being destroyed, with a variety of dungeons and overworld maps to explore.

A number of factors separate this game from other Final Fantasy games of its time comes in a number of factors. Its portability on the Game Boy is a big factor, giving us ten-hour action-adventure RPG titles in the early 90s. Another comes in the strength of its adventurous RPG elements, adding strength, stamina and magic gauges to complement melee swings and magic attacks.

What I found striking during my very early days with Final Fantasy Adventure is the permanence of its gameplay and its boundaries of RPG standards during the time. Killing townspeople was once unthinkable for a Final Fantasy game, but for it to happen in a handheld game from 1991 is something quite amazing to look back on.