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Best Final Fantasy Games #8 – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The bombastic failure that was the original Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG experience took everything great about its PS2 predecessor and tried to turn it into a hallway simulator of sadness. It took a full scrapping of conceptual efforts to create A Realm Reborn, offering up a Life 3 spell of a rejuvenation as opposed to a meager, minimal recovery of a Phoenix Down.

To keep players engaged and open to multiple play styles, weapons represent the type of character class available at the time, offering a more interchangeable style of character composition in conjunction with classic Job styles. Skills, magic, weapons and armor are all dependent on your discipline, as well.

A Realm Reborn, taking examples from more contemporary MMORPG experiences, brings forth plenty of community events and PvE and PvP gameplay modes to explore, from raids to team-based arena matches and so much more. Plus, while building up its own world and characters within it, familiar summons and series mascots make their appearances, while repeat monsters from past games are oft to make an appearance.

With content constantly in development, Square Enix aims to back players on consoles and PC with tons of memorable group RPG experiences for years to come.