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Best Final Fantasy Games #9 – Final Fantasy V

Who knew that one of the greatest Final Fantasy games of all time would have a protagonist known for the longest time as “Butz”? While its predecessor pushed forth a ton of new ideas, Final Fantasy V was where RPG fans saw bigger breakthroughs regarding visual, audio and gameplay design, bringing a hearty adventure full of strife and greatness.

The “restore the crystals” storyline has been done to death, but the iteration of ExDeath and the idea of the party constantly failing before ultimately succeeding complemented the fish out of water narrative built up over its developing story. Bartz was never supposed to be this grand hero, and his sudden thrust to prominence allowed the franchise to better explore story dynamics.

What I most loved about the game is how much of an evolution the Job system underwent in V. Transporting sub-skills to future and past jobs, party members would be opened up to a ton of different options to compose themselves and prepare for combat in an offensive and defensive mindset. Synergizing your party in order to conquer enemies allowed for dozens upon dozens of new options in a manner quite advanced for its time.