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Best Final Fantasy Games #10 – Final Fantasy XV

Close to seven years after XIII was first released, Final Fantasy XV was a long time coming. The story of Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto should be a series-classic “crystal” tale as old as time, but the moment-to-moment action interspliced with calm segues of honest dialogue and eye-opening revelation meant building up a tight-knit group ready and yearning for an adventure.

The open world sensibilities of this game are emboldened by its combat system. The ability to control Noctis’ sword swings and magic spells in conjunction with teammates and with certain abilities such as throwing his sword and transporting to it like a waypoint pick up the pace of battle. Gigantic creatures of untold proportion are realized with a serene visual fidelity afforded by modern graphical design.

With dozens of side quests, distractions and minigames to provide depth to the world around you, Square Enix spent years building up an open, expansive playpen for the players to explore. Touching on subjects such as brotherhood, nobility and duty, Final Fantasy XV offers dozens upon dozens of hours of action-RPG greatness, with more adventures left to come.