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Best Final Fantasy Games #29 – Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Some will be shocked that Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is in this list, although I will staunchly defend its necessary existence in the SNES era as an entry-level role-playing adventure. It’s literally a selling point on the box and makes it clear to players that you’re not going to have this staunchly deep, algorithmic series of gameplay mechanics.

Yet, Mystic Quest gave the inexperienced an excellent stepping stone towards greater pastures. Even without Nobuo Uematsu’s classic composition touch, the music for the game fed into its push for a sense of adventure, with the players controlling Benjamin and his party as they traveled across the continent of an unnamed world split up by crystals representing the elements.

Spells were acquired, not learned; equipment was upgraded in a progressive, not customizable, way; players could jump on the open field. Mystic Quest certainly has its own style that tries to bridge the gap between casual and seasoned RPG fan. It may not be the RPG for me, but if you were to give someone this game to start out on the path to learning more about the SNES’ catalog, it has a profoundly important duty.