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Best Final Fantasy Games #12 – Final Fantasy X-2

It took a long, long while for me to understand why Final Fantasy X-2 was a game worth giving the time of day. The Destiny’s Child-ification of its predecessor may be a bit jarring at first, but the adventures Yuna, Rikku and Paine through Spira are ultimately important for where Square Enix would allow the franchise to bring its mainline series to from a creative standpoint.

No longer are the conditional time battle and sphere grid systems used, instead swapping out class types using dresspheres. With just three characters in this game that comprise your party, changing dress types switches class types, allowing for a different series of abilities and skills. While interchangeable between the party members, they also provide buffs that are crucial to overcoming specific encounters more optimally.

While many, including myself at first, were thrown off by the stark shift in tones from its predecessor, Final Fantasy X-2 shows the power of exploring a known, established world from a different perspective. It takes on more of a woman empowerment feel to it, giving players insight into a very particular emphasis on comradery that you might not see in a traditional game from this series.