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Best Final Fantasy Games #13 – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

In our last “like the last game, but better” entry of the list, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call treats its fans with as much loving care as it can with its rhythmic looks into classic and contemporary Final Fantasy music. It has a more polished package over its predecessor and brings forth a whopping 221 songs to all players before taking downloadable content into consideration.

Since there’s little more to say about this game’s updates over its predecessor, let’s talk in-depth about the new Versus Mode. A surefire way to make any rhythm game more enticing is to add competitive multiplayer elements, and Versus Mode sees players face off against each other while playing the same song.

Instead of just seeing which player has the higher rhythm score at the end, you can build up an EX Burst attack to foil your opponent’s attempts at keeping in step and rhythm. This includes picking up their tempo, extending the length of hidden inputs, swapping HP and a host of other effects, and both players get at least one collectible card after it’s all said and done.

By adding that mode and expanding the song selection, it gives Square Enix the perfect Curtain Call on a wonderful side-series of music games.