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Best Final Fantasy Games #18 – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

As many will attest, the music of the Final Fantasy franchise is among the best in all of video games. With the Nintendo 3DS given a touchscreen and the hardware to blast music at a close-to-authentic level, it only made sense for Square Enix to publish a rhythm video game based on the iconic soundtracks of various games from the series.

Players could enjoy a multitude of gameplay modes, all based on inputting taps and button presses to the beat of familiar tracks. Field music takes the game for an overworld exploration, focusing more on moving the stylus in patterns. Battle music creates a mock battle with the party “attacking” enemies through rhythmic inputs. Event music takes on several scenes from relevant games from the franchise and turns it into a “follow the cursor” minigame.

Funnily enough, the idea of gods Chaos and Cosmos coming together is a holdover from Dissidia, with players harnessing the power of Rhythmia in order to bring order to the crystal that controls the music of the universe. It’s a silly plot point that ties together a bold move towards creating a gameplay-light title that honors the works of Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Kumi Tanioka and Naoshi Mizuta; important figureheads of the series’ musical direction.