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Best Final Fantasy Games #19 – Final Fantasy III

The last of the NES era, FFIII offered a great number of mechanics that later series would build upon. After a dreadful game that preceded it, this game saw the return of sanity to the series’ RPG mechanics, including the expansion of what it meant to create a team of heroes.

Basic things that are taken for granted now first created for this entry included auto-redirecting attacks to new enemies after killing previous targets, interchangeable Job classes, character or class-dependent special skills such as “Steal,” non-combat special skills such as unlocking passages, bonus progression points dedicated to skill and class growth and a ton of other features.

Most importantly, the mythos of the game’s special crystals and summon monsters found roots in this game, setting the course for dozens of games to follow the traditions of including Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh and more into their package of strong attacks. So much of what we’ve come to know and love originated in Final Fantasy III, and it’s a shame that many never got the chance to try the game out during its initial launch due to it being a Japanese-only title until 2006.