What to do after the final boss of Super Mario Odyssey

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Just Peach-y

Yes, Peach spent most of the game being a captive yet again. But that doesn’t mean she has any need for Mario to hang around with her, as she certainly proves during the final cutscenes. She’s irritated that she got dragged through these kingdoms against her will, and instead wants to have a proper vacation with her new friend, Tiara. By revisiting each kingdom again, you can find her for a free Power Moon and a little bit of cute dialogue with her and her new hat friend.

It’s fun to hear Peach’s insights on each kingdom and see her striking out on her own for a change. She even gets an adorable outfit in some of the kingdoms, showing off her fabulous fashion sense. You can hear her insights by visiting her in each kingdom, including Moon Kingdom, and once you find her in every kingdom, she’ll return home. Drop by to see her in Mushroom Kingdom for one last Power Moon and a sweet bit of gained wisdom from our worldly pink princess.