What to do after the final boss of Super Mario Odyssey

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You might have already come across some of the Hint art in your travels, but not known what to do with it. The Hint Art reveals the locations of some of the game’s most elusive Power Moons, but you’ll need a quick mind to figure out exactly what some of it is trying to say.

I don’t want to spoil the pleasure of discovering these pieces of art on your own, but I’ll leave you with two clues. The first is that there are 21 pieces of art total, and while most of them can be found through normal gameplay, a few will require visiting post-game areas to see, or will direct you to post-game areas for the Power Moon. My second clue is this–every one of them will involve Ground Pounding. If you think you’re in the right spot, try a Ground Pound to see if it pops up. You won’t get a rumble or shine indication, so you’ll need to know exactly where to stand for these moons!