What to do after the final boss of Super Mario Odyssey

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World tour

Once you tire of looking at mushrooms, your next step is to go visit all the old zones and pick up those Power Moons you missed. Unless you’re incredibly thorough, you likely left some along the way, but you can use amiibo scans or the Talk-a-too to find out where the Power Moons are that you skipped over. In particular, some of the smaller worlds (Cloud Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom) have moons you may not have caught the first time around.

That’s not all, though. There are some changes to the kingdoms that you’ll notice as you explore. Denizens of one kingdom may be exploring another now, for instance. Others might be partaking in new activities, such as the peaceful caps in the Cap Kingdom. Metro Kingdom dude is taking his car places at last, and others are on vacation. Keep an eye out for these subtle changes as you travel–some may lead to Power Moons.

And that isn’t the only big change…