What to do after the final boss of Super Mario Odyssey

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You’ve done it. You’ve defeated Bowser and saved Peach yet again. But wait, there’s more? Of course, there’s more! It’s Super Mario Odyssey!

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I’ve combed the red, sparkling dunes of the Sand Kingdom. I’ve stomped across the cliffs of the Cascade Kingdom. I’ve swung from lamp posts and jumped to glorious live bands in Metro, busted my way through the cheese rocks in Food, and even traveled to the moon. At last, Peach is safe, and it’s time for this plumber to get some rest from the glorious adventure of Super Mario Odyssey.

Oh, please. Who would want to? There are so many more Power Moons to collect, and adventures to be had! Super Mario Odyssey makes it immediately apparent after the credits roll that your adventure is nowhere near over. Here are some ideas for what you can do after the final boss of the game–ideas that will last you hours upon hours upon hours, if you let them.

Warning: This slideshow contains spoilers for the end of Super Mario Odyssey and beyond. Continue at your peril!

super mario odyssey
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Enjoy the Mushroom Kingdom

The post-game of Super Mario Odyssey begins in the Mushroom Kingdom, a brand new kingdom you haven’t explored yet. Your first objective is to visit Toadette in the castle, which you can do without worry. She merely declares her role as an archivist and offers you a Power Moon for your trouble. Beyond that, you’re free to explore the classic throw-back world and begin gathering its various Power Moons for yourself.

It’s a good idea to stop and smell the flowers here for awhile. There are plenty of other places to go, but the Mushroom Kingdom is easily one of the most delightful kingdoms in the game. There are tons of silly references to past Mario games, some cute cameos, a great throwback outfit and a door you can only enter while wearing it, and plenty more. You’ll need to make multiple trips to get everything since Toadette offers more moons for completing certain objectives. Don’t forget to track down all the portraits in this kingdom, too. Entering them instigates fights against powered-up versions of bosses you’ve already defeated for even more Power Moons.