10 things we’re most excited for in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

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world of warcraft battle for azeroth
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WoW Communities

One of the smaller, but still intriguing features of Battle for Azeroth is the introduction of WoW Communities. Communities receive their own chat channel and can have members from different servers all talking together–they even get their own voice chat channel, as the rest of the game integrates voice chat too. You can belong to as many communities as you like.

I predict that Communities will be an enormous boon particularly for players who don’t play in hardcore raiding guilds. They’ll serve as hubs where people can make friends, find teams to do content with, and discuss common interests.

Often I see people lament the days when servers were hubs where people knew one another and made friends. I feel that World of Warcraft has grown to the point where this isn’t feasible anymore, but Communities may be a way to bring some of that feeling back.