10 things we’re most excited for in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

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world of warcraft battle for azeroth
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Island Expeditions

When Mists of Pandaria gave way to Warlords and Legion, one of the major disappointments (aside from those garrisons) was the loss of Scenarios. Scenarios in Mists were a wonderful feature that allowed three, non-role-specific players to queue together for what amounted to a small story dungeon. Especially for DPS roles that were tired of waiting half an hour for a healer and tank or for small groups of friends who just wanted to play with one another, Scenarios were a fun and rewarding gameplay choice.

Island Expeditions aren’t exactly Scenarios, but they do bring the beloved three-person group back. But this time, there’s a greater focus on exploration and likely a lower emphasis on story, as you’re simply exploring a new island. But my ears perked up when they began talking about more intelligent, dynamic enemy behavior during these expeditions. Imagine foes that reacted to you properly with intelligent heals, cc, or movement! Sounds like these expeditions could get difficult…especially with that PvP option.