10 things we’re most excited for in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

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world of warcraft battle for azeroth
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Return to Ulduar

Admittedly, this isn’t part of Battle for Azeroth. Ulduar is returning as a Timewalking raid in patch 7.3.5, which will be the next major patch and presumably the final one for Legion before Blizzard begins to gear up its new expansion. Ulduar coming back for Timewalking makes perfect sense, both thematically and as fan service. If we’re going back to take on some old gods and learn more about the mysterious Titans, it’s only sensible that we revisit the history contained in Ulduar via Timewalking, first!

Furthermore, Ulduar may be one of the best raids World of Warcraft has ever produced in terms of sheer size, aesthetic, and encounters. Many remember Frozen Throne better, as it capped an expansion, but Ulduar ‘s lore-stuffed hallways, incredible encounters, and secrets keep players coming back again and again for transmogs, mounts, and history. Scaling it for the current raiding landscape will prove a true challenge for teams even as Antorus, the Burning Throne looms ahead.