10 things we’re most excited for in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

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world of warcraft battle for azeroth
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Old Gods, for real this time

Come on now. You know this expansion isn’t really going to be just another Alliance v. Horde slugfest, right? Sure, that’s how it will start out, but this is the “Battle for Azeroth.” Sure seems likely that we’ll start by tearing each other apart and end it by once again facing a common enemy. As we always do.

That theory is supported well by many of the datamined hints and subtle cues surrounding the expansion. We’ve heard for a long time now about the Old Gods stirring in the background, threatening to drown Azeroth in the Void and destroy its fledgling Titan Soul. With Magni awake once again and demanding that we put aside our petty differences to save the planet, it’s all but a sure thing we’re eventually going to have to tackle the tentacled ancient ones yet again. The last Old God we saw intact was in Wrath of the Lich King, though we faced a piece of one in Mists of Pandaria. What menace could possibly await us in the seas of Azeroth?