5 obscure Pokemon you totally forgot existed


802 Pokemon, right? Who can remember all of them? I guarantee you’ve forgotten at least a few as you’ve grown as a trainer. Here are five we forgot.

Granted, a true Pokemon master would never forget a single one of his beloved creatures, but alas, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of mastery. I, like you, periodically just assume that about 100 or so of the Pokemon I’ve encountered before don’t exist. There’s 802! That’s far too many. Some of them just seem like duplicates. Who can remember the latest Generic Fish or Butterfly Evolved From Caterpillar?

Don’t be cheeky. You forgot some of them two. In fact, here are five that you probably have forgotten that we’re now going to remind you of, so you’ll say with utter incredulity, “Wait, that was actually a Pokemon?” Then you’ll look it up and realize I was not, in fact, making up fake Pokemon or pulling from fangames. These ‘mons all existed, but they could have just as easily not and we’d all be fine:

Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak


To be completely honest, I’m not sure I ever even met a Mothim in game. I must have at some point, because it does evolve from Burmy and I vaguely remember Burmy as a creature that changed forms under some conditions or another. I think more often I saw Burmy’s other evolution, Wormadam, because I definitely remember it evolving into what looked like a bigger Burmy. It seems that Burmy only evolves into Mothim when it’s a dude.

I think we all went for Wormadam if we even knew a choice existed just because we were so sick and tired of butterfly/moth creatures, as the opening routes of every single main series game are just packed with weird little bugs and worms that will eventually turn into the weak, flappy things. If any of us ever accidentally evolved a Mothim, we probably chucked it into the PC like good Pokemon masters and it never saw the light of day again.

Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak


What the heck is this guy? That’s literally an ice. A single, bemused looking ice. I’m pretty sure this guy showed up in exactly one place in the game at a point where we were all tired of running into Pokemon and just avoided it with Repels.

*checks Bulbapedia*

Credit: Bulbapedia

Well, that definitely checks out.

So basically Bergmite showed up in the Frost Cavern, we all tripped over it because we thought it was a generic icicle, and then moved on with our lives because we had better things to do than to fraternize with inanimate objects. I’d say that made perfect sense in the Pokemon universe, but I routinely have discussions with batches of eggs, rings of keys, and sentient fruit, so perhaps it wasn’t the best example.

Nonetheless, I’m going to go right back to my blissful existence where I didn’t think Bergmite existed. I feel bad for his puzzled, stupid-looking eyes, but if you want to rid your mind of useless knowledge, you’d do well to join me. Yes, I know he evolves into something really cool! Did you know that without looking it up, though? Did you? That’s exactly what I thought. Sorry, Avalugg (an even larger ice) can go right into the pile of forgotten Pokemon with its predecessor. Let’s get some Sneasels in here to fill out our ice rosters, thanks.

Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak


It would not be a proper list of forgotten Pokemon without at least one fish on it, and we picked Finneon, the fishiest of the fish. Finneon is forgettable precisely because he doesn’t have any qualities at all, redeeming or non-redeeming. Pokemon like Magikarp and Feebas are memorable for being useless and awful and evolving into really cool things. We know what Relincanth is because you needed it (for some reason) to get into the Regi caves. Luvdisc is memorable because Pokemon keeps slapping it on merchandise even though no one cares about it. But then there’s Finneon, a Pokemon I don’t think many of us ever encountered because we all put on Repel before we dive in the ocean.

Finneon even has an actual evolution, did you know? Lumineon, a Pokemon whose name you have to look at more than once to spell correctly. It looks like Finneon with a few extra fins–truly a feat of Pokemon evolutionary engineering. Both Pokemon are pure water-types that learn generic water-type moves and have no stats of any special importance whatsoever. Simultaneously, they are not such absolute garbage that we make fun of them for being bad in battle, they are not completely ugly nor are they cute. Finneon may simply be the epitome of averageness.

Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak


Speaking of water-types we all forgot, did you know that Champerl evolves too? Clamperl is likely a Pokemon you remember encountering in the waters of Hoenn while you were diving deep beneath the waves. I imagine you probably caught one for your Pokedex and forgot about it, or else sprayed some repel into the sea and ignored it. Whatever the case, you also probably had a Deep Sea Tooth in your bags and never pondered what it might be for. Well, let me tell you–you get a Huntail or a Gorebyss by trading a Clamperl holding a Deep Sea Tooth or a Deep Sea Scale.

I don’t know why anyone would do this, if only because trading evolution is possibly the worst way to evolve a Pokemon ever devised by Game Freak. No one wants to give up a good Pokemon that will turn into a better Pokemon, only to receive just an okay Pokemon in return. You have to have a trusted friend to trade with, and since we all discovered the Internet, none of us has any idea who we’re trading with anymore. The best way to deal with Champerls is to Wonder Trade them and surprise little newbies, but you’re just as likely to trade them away to someone who’s been excessively breeding Clamperls for a shiny and doesn’t want your Huntail anyway.

Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak


It wouldn’t be fair if I harped on nothing but gen-3 and up on this list, but it is more difficult to find forgotten monsters below that since Pokemon GO was released. You might have rediscovered Yanma as a result of this phenomenon, simply because these little crudmuffins have been everywhere since gen-2 came out. Yanmas in my backyard, Yanmas in my office building, Yanmas at Santa Monica Pier. But in the beforetimes, I had managed to forget about this utterly worthless dragonfly Pokemon, as well as the fact that the sucker got a crazy evolution in gen-4: Yanmega. Had you forgotten about that too? I certainly tried to.

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But now that I remember Yanma, I also remember hating Yanma because it was all the Bug Catcher outside of Goldenrod City would ever call me about. I think I specifically blocked Yanma out of my mind because I never wanted to hear about an outbreak of them ever again. Sure, the outbreak system was a great feature, but when only applied to like, six different Pokemon? Complete waste of time. Catch the six, turn off your phone forever. Never think about Yanma again. Ban it from Pokemon GO.