9 games we are excited to see at E3 2017

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#2. Super Mario Odyssey

I think it’s safe to say the last really great Mario title was Super Mario Galaxy. Not that thegames in the last few years have been bad, mind you. I’ve played and immensely enjoyed 3D Land, Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros U and 3D World. Those were all pretty good. But not great. Core Mario games only come along a couple times a console generation at most, so they should be great. Mario Odyssey looks like it has the potential to be great. We don’t know a ton about it, but we do know hats play a large role (look, they have eyes and can be thrown!). But arguably just as important is that Mario Odyssey has been described as a “sandbox-style” game, implying that this game will be more open than any previous game in the series.

We also know that, much like last year with Legend of Zelda: Breath of The WildMario Odyssey will largely be the focus for Nintendo at this year’s E3. Other game will be shown and announced of course, but nothing anywhere near the level of a Mario game. Given how great Breath of The Wild turned out, I hope Mario Odyssey can be both equally amazing and ground-breaking.