9 games we are excited to see at E3 2017

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#4. BioWare’s Project Dylan

We know little, if anything, about Bioware’s New IP, “Project Dylan”. It’s the next big game the primary team at BioWare has been working on, which may actually have affected the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda (though for the record, I liked Andromeda). It’s supposedly massive, bigger than any previous BioWare game, and may have some MMO elements, depending on what rumors you follow. It’s even rumored to be the EA equivalent to games like Destiny and The Division.

I’ve been a BioWare fan for a long time. I’ve enjoyed all their previous works quite a bit. And BioWare always has a really ambitious aim when it comes to a new IP, so I am super excited to see what they are working with here. What I do hope is that it’s not yet another outer-space sci-fi epic, or at least if it is, that it’s one that feels vastly different from Mass Effect.  If it is, in fact, an open-world MMO like Destiny, well, that didn’t quite grab me the way it should have, and a big part of that was how the lore and world-building were handled. BioWare knows how to do lore and world-building incredibly well, so assuming that’s what “Project Dylan” is, maybe it’ll be the game that finally gets its hooks in me. Hoping we’ll find out at this year’s E3.