9 games we are excited to see at E3 2017

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#5. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The history of video games is filled with unusual franchises crossing over. Most of the time, our reaction is, “Hey that’s pretty cool.” But when people started hearing about the bizarre union of Mario and Rabbids, I’m pretty sure the collective reaction was “What the hell?”

Beyond the bizarre pairing of Nintendo’s most well-known mascot and Ubisoft’s psychotic rabbit-like creatures, the gameplay sounds just as bizarre as well from what we’ve heard. You think with this combination it’d be maybe a game like Mario Party or even just a regular platformer with wacky Rabbid hijinks thrown in. But no, it’s an RPG. A turn-based RPG. That has local co-op. And the characters will have guns, which is a first for a Mario title.

But I want to believe that if Nintendo is going to let Ubisoft play around with their prized characters like this, it must’ve been a pretty good presentation. And Ubisoft knows how to make really good games. So I am super interested to see just what exactly this crazy coming together of Mario and Rabbids really is and whether it can turn the tide of skeptics, which is pretty much everyone at this point.