9 games we are excited to see at E3 2017

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#7. Crackdown 3

Microsoft has been quickly running out of anything impressive game-wise to show at this year’s E3. Several titles have been massively scaled down (Phantom Dust) or outright canceled (Scalebound), the next entry in the Halo series is not going to be there, so what’s left? I mean, you can do another Sea of Thieves presentation, but they’ve been showing that game for awhile now, and the excitement level is just not there. So maybe it’s up to Crackdown 3 to finally show up and save the day on the software side for Microsoft.

Crackdown is essentially an open-world superhero series, and it’s been seven years since the last game. It’d be interesting to see a new Crackdown that takes advantage of advances made in that time, and if it can stand out from other recent open-world superhero games such as Infamous: Second Son and Arkham Knight.

But is that even what Crackdown 3 is? We have seen some footage that shows it’s a game that you can destroy virtually anything in, which potentially makes for a fun destructive playground type of game. But what else is there to it? Is it still so linked to “the power of the cloud” and what will that actually mean? I really hope we get some answers at this year’s E3, or I feel like Crackdown 3 will join the pile of canceled projects at Microsoft.