5 ways to gather 20 players to play ARMS online

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5 – Set a play date!

Alternatively, you can use the robust online features of the Nintendo Switch to set a playdate. As they stand currently, you can look at your Friends List and pray that eventually, 20 people will sign on and happen to be playing ARMS at the moment, and happen to understand that you want to play the game with them.

Barring this, hopefully, Nintendo gets it together and finishes whatever these online services we’re meant to have a free trial of sometime soon. It’s tough to call something a free trial when you’re not getting the thing you’re meant to have a trial of! Sure, I could text or call my friends on the phone any time if I really wanted to play ARMS with them, but how does that compare to pulling out the exact same phone, opening an app, selecting the proper commands within the app, and sending a message to all 20 of your friends to set a play date.

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At least, I assume that’s how it works. I wouldn’t know, given that they still haven’t announced any of this two whole months after launch.