5 ways to gather 20 players to play ARMS online

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4 – Climb every mountain

Maybe just looking outside or at a party isn’t the best way to find others with a Nintendo Switch and interest in ARMS. If that’s your situation, put on your hiking boots and your warmest winter coat and head to the nearest mountain range. Start climbing, and don’t stop until you find a glass booth at the top of a peak, ideally one inhabited by John Cena and a Nintendo Switch.

Should you find John Cena and a Switch, you can challenge him to a game of ARMS while you wait for other pilgrims like you to arrive. Once you have 20 folks packed into a tiny glass booth, you can hope Nintendo supplied your event with enough Nintendo Switch systems to have a full-on, 20-person lobby in ARMS. If not, you can form a line and take turns playing a video game on top of a mountain. Definitely the experience of a lifetime.