5 ways to gather 20 players to play ARMS online

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3 – Get swanky

Remember the Nintendo Switch commercial with all the hip and happening adults getting together on a rooftop for a fancy party, complete with Nintendo Switch gaming fun? You, too, can be that fabulous adult. Get out there and purchase a few bottles of wine, string up some Christmas lights, and invite all your friends to party on the top of your house or apartment wherever you happen to live. Assuming you know at least 19 people and they all follow the rule of BYOS, Bring Your Own Switch, you can have a serious ARMS party. It’s like a potluck, but with video games!

Just make sure you have the wireless internet connection strong enough to support all these people connecting at the same time, and enough hors d’oeuvres to sustain the party for however long it takes to finish all these matches. You won’t need to worry about online chat this way, either. Just yell across the room!