5 ways to gather 20 players to play ARMS online

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ARMS is looking amazing, especially the part where you can play with 19 friends online. Wait, how does one go about finding all those people, again?

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct dropped some seriously hard-hitting (literally) news about Nintendo’s upcoming game about fighters with springy arms...ARMS! We saw a roster of ten characters at launch, learned about free DLC to come after launch, and saw multiple, exciting game modes. One of the most surprising facts of all? The ability to gather 20 people together online to play in the same lobby!

But, oh, wow, who knows twenty whole people with Nintendo Switches who happen to be online at the same time to pull off such a feat? How could one possibly wrangle up that many people, letting them know you wanted to play at a certain day and time? Lest we all have to play with total strangers, thus diminishing the excitement of playing in such a large lobby, to begin with! Ahead of the release of ARMS on June 16th, we’ve compiled a list of five ways you could track down a total of 20 people to play ARMS with you.

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1. Download Facebook Messenger

We know that this entire time you’ve been blissfully avoiding installing a second Facebook app on your phone, but go ahead and download Facebook Messenger, then send a massive group invite to every last person you know and see if they want to play ARMS with you. Worried your friends won’t see it? Never fear. Facebook will prompt them endlessly with little notifications and directives to install Facebook Messenger until they cave and do it, at last opening up an infinite stream of requests to play ARMS and messages indicating people have muted the conversation. You’re sure to amass a pool of 20 folks to play with in no time.