10 3DS/DS exclusive franchises that should come to Nintendo Switch

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#8. Project X-Zone

The Project X-Zone series has nothing on Fire Emblem regarding deep turn-based strategy gameplay. But what it does have is fanservice in spades and a fun battle system that isn’t too difficult to get the hang of. The fan service comes in the form of combining many characters from many diverse franchises into one game. Where else can you see Chris Redfield, Heihachi and Ulala on the same team?

So Project X-Zone is really about seeing crazy crossovers and interactions between characters you might never have thought of. And Nintendo seems to actually be a pretty big fan of loaning out their characters for bizarre crossover titles. So imagine a new Project X-Zone on the Nintendo Switch, and in addition to all the Capcom, Namco and Sega characters, we get some Nintendo ones thrown is as well. It wouldn’t even have to be A-listers like Mario and Link. Give secondary characters or stars of more obscure titles a chance to shine. If I see a game that teams Mega Man and Chibi Robo together, I’m there day one.